A little about us

We are a bunch of passionate, innovative, smart and curious people with a collaborative culture. We are giving traditional storytelling a rewrite, a digital one.

We listen to our clients
We are creative minds
We value leadership
We encourage personal growth
We are sincere
We honor our commitments


Wili was elected Best Communication Agency at the 6th Luxembourg Marketing and Communication Awards.


Our approach.

Advertising needs to advance from just telling a story to affecting the experience.
Today’s agencies must go beyond the creative delivering and provide immersive brand experiences that consumers want to share with their social circles.
We provide end-to-end solutions and we never forget the key element to any digital campaign : measurable results.

Our process.


If your organisation doesn’t already have a digital marketing strategy, we will create a plan to define your online strategic goals and audiences. Your digital strategy will reflect your online value proposition and how you want to use digital channels to grow your business and add value to your brand.



It all starts with creating compelling, relevant content and experiences around your brand that people will want to watch and share with their circles. This is why we have an in-house production studio. Our marketing, creative & production teams work hand in hand to give your customers a reason to be part of your community by giving them great experiences and enjoyable content.



Of course, we use Adwords, SEO, Social media and landing pages to increase acquisition of new customers. But engaging with existing customers is also one of the biggest challenges in online marketing. Engagement is built over time, by maintaining conversation, listening and encouraging interactions with your brand online. Our goal is to transform audiences into fans and advocates.


How do we reach your audience?

Digital services.

We offer end-to-end digital communication services.

Content strategy.

We take advantage of the increasing prominence given to owned and earned media.

Video marketing.

We make video a must-have in digital marketing.

Continuous progress.

We continuously improve our skills, and we keep investing in state-of-the-art technology.

Our capabilities

Digital Marketing
Creative Direction
Social Consulting & Management
Film production
Photo production
Content Amplification
Digital Design
Measurements & Analytics

Our work.

Our clients

We are proud to work together with some amazing brands, clients & institutions.

Contact our team

Please contact our Executive and Sales team, we will be happy to answer your questions.

Céline Velluet

Founder & General Manager

Thibault Fruh

Digital Marketing Strategist

As a privately owned, founder-led company, we are able to work fast and respond to our customers’ needs without anything getting in our way.

Tel : +352 26 29 69 82-1

87 route de Luxembourg
L-7240 Bereldange


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